Dear Customer, Thank you for being patient with us, We are dedicated to offer the best service and satisfaction to our customers.
Recently we faced a small delay with our "3-28 T-Shirts"
We are accustomed to ship out all of our orders the same day the order is placed, and have it in the customer's hands within 2-3 days of ordering. 
Unfortunately that was not the case with our 3-28 shirt, as our manufacturer who is located in Pennsylvania, delayed our orders 5-6 times longer than usual.
As a small business, we are seeing this as growing pains. 
Things are going back to normal, shirts are being processed and all orders will be delivered as soon as possible. You will be updated with tracking information as soon as the shirts are sent out.
You should be expecting your orders to arrive this week. 
We would like to apologize in advance and we are positive that the beautiful high quality of our shirts we offer will make up for the above average waiting time.
We are here to serve you and provide the best service possible.
Thank you!